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U5 Soccer Drills

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The Perfect U5 Soccer Practice

Age Group: U5 or first season U6. Practice Time: 30 minutes Objective: Practical touches on the ball, have fun. 1. Set up a circle of cones in yellow, one cone for each player. 2. When it is time for practice to begin, go to the center of the circle and tell each player to find […]

20 for 20 Family Soccer Drill

Here is my problem – I have a two year old and a five year old (who turns 6 next month) and I can’t just put the two year old to bed and train with my oldest in soccer. We are at a point where feelings get hurt and even from my perspective it is […]

Cone Circle Monster U5 and U6 Drill

A great transition out of the cone circle warm up is to move into cone circle monster. This is a great game that the kids enjoy playing. The concept is simple: 1. Coach you are a monster, scary sounds included. 2. The team is on the other side of the circle, in a group. 3. […]

Coerver Ball Training for Five Year Olds

I thought the following video does a good job of just showing some basic Coerver training that you can apply to five and six year old kids. This is not my team or kids, I just thought the concepts are delivered in an easily digestible way. You do not have to work on all the […]

Bounce Kick Bounce Kick in the Square Drill Part Two

I noted at the beginning of this very painful journey I ditched the whole drop the ball on the driveway and kick it up, let it bounce and kick it up again. There is a video on YouTube where this four year old is pulling this off pretty effectively. Well, the problem was my son […]

Good Foot Versus Bad Foot Soccer Juggling Exercise

If you have been keeping up with the site you have seen that recently I started teaching my son how to juggle a soccer ball. Slow going so far but each day I see more and more progress. If you try this with your four, five, or six year old you will quickly realize that […]

My Mission: Five Year Old Soccer Juggling

I might have mentioned it somewhere else but my goal this summer is to teach my kid to juggle the ball with his feet at least ten times. He could do five juggles last fall but it was with this thigh and, eh. There was nothing fundamentally rewarding about that exercise (I continue to learn […]

Five Things U5 Soccer Coaches Learn

As a U5 Soccer coach there are a number of things you will learn. The most important thing to learn is patience because when you are dealing with a bunch of four and five year olds you have an amazing task, which is similar in difficulty to herding squirrels. Here are the top five U5 […]

Seth’s U5 Soccer Drill

“I have a change direction drill I do with my 5-y-o: set up a small field with two goals. One player is offense, one defense. The offense starts in the middle of the pitch, but off at the flank (sort of where the fourth official would be). He’s allowed to score on either goal. Take […]

U5 Pregame Drill Called Around the Coach Madness

One of the U5 drills I work on with my team prior to starting the game is going around the coach. This usually follows a ‘red light green light’ drill so my kids are use to lining up to one side of the pitch. Here is the drill: First the kids start on the line. […]